• National Library of New Zealand
    Collects and maintains literature and information resources that relate to New Zealand and the Pacific. Links to the Alexander Turnbull library.
  • Pacific Manuscripts Bureau (PMB)
    The Pacific Manuscripts Bureau copies archives, manuscripts and rare printed material relating to the Pacific Islands. Their website includes information on the materials sought and copied, catalogues and publications, current projects and recent releases of microfilms.
  • Pacific Research Archives (PRA)
    The Pacific Research Archives at the Australian National University is the premier Australian centre for research and teaching resources on the Pacific. It collects, preserves and provides access to unpublished and published research material from and about the Pacific Islands including records of companies and trade unions which operated in the Pacific and records of anthropologists, linguists geographers and historians who lived and worked in the Pacific.
  • University of Adelaide - Pacific Collection
    The University's Pacific Collection of more than 8,000 volumes includes both books and journals on the history, culture, art, fiction and language of the Pacific islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, with particular emphasis on the central Pacific. Additional strengths include mission history and Pacific anthropology/ethnology journals.
  • University of the South Pacific
    The premier provider of tertiary education in the Pacific region and an international centre of excellence for teaching, research consulting and training on all aspects of Pacific culture, environment and human resource development needs.
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