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Debates are recorded in the Congressional Record. This is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the U.S. Congress. For every day Congress is in session, an issue of the Congressional Record is printed by the Government Publishing Office. Each issue summarises the day's floor and committee actions and records all remarks delivered in the House and Senate (from GovInfo).

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Annals of the Congress
(1st Congress, 1776-18th Congress, 1834) in The debates and proceedings in the Congress of the United States

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Register of debates in Congress
(18th Congress, 2nd Session, 1834 - 25th Congress, 1st Session, 1837)

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Congressional Globe
(23rd Congress, 1833-35 - 42nd Congress, 3rd Session, 1872/73)

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Congressional Record Index
(Online - 1983 to date)
(Paper - 1873 to 1986 - imperfect)



Congressional record (March 1947+)
(80th Congress, 2nd session+)


Congressional Record
1975 - 2010


Congressional Record (1963+)
(88th Congress, 1st session+)



Debates of Congress are recorded in the Congressional record, which has been published under that name since the 1st session of the 43rd Congress in 1873. It succeeded

ONLINE ACCESS has the full text of the Congressional Record from 1983 to the present. Use the drop-down list to find the Congressional Record, and search by keyword.

You can also go directly to the latest record.

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