Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this resource contains a range of material which may be considered culturally sensitive, including the records of people who have passed away.

This resource is aligned with the Australian Curriculum: History for Year 10 students. It adopts an inquiry learning approach that develops students’ skills as historians. The resource engages students with a rich selection of sources and challenges them to draw their own conclusions about World War II. Using the lens of internment, this resource looks at home front human stories, impacts of war and genocide, migration and multiculturalism.

Designed to give teachers flexibility, the content of this module is based in part on Captured Lives: Australia's Wartime Internment Camps by Peter Monteath (NLA Publishing, 2018), and the collection-in-focus exhibition The Dunera Boys: Seventy Years On shown at the National Library of Australian in 2010. 

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill is seated at a table wearing glasses. He is signing a document. Standing behind him and leaning over his shoulder is Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies. Both men are wear dark suits with white shirts. Menzies is wearing a dark tie, Churchill a bow tie.
Curriculum Links
A black and white photograph showing a group of women shopping for food and supplies using wartime coupons. There are three shopkeepers behind the counter handing out goods and taking coupons
Introductory Activities
A charcoal on paper sketch of an older man. He is wearing a flat hunting cap. He has a short trimmed moustach. He is looking directly at the viewer and is holding a pipe. He is wearing a dark vest over a white shirt.
Concluding Activities