1. The sketches of Theodor Engel (as seen on the Dunera page) are a poignant reminder that those imprisoned came from all walks of life and ages. Explore Engels sketches using this link.
  2. Conduct research into the internment policies of other Allied countries during World War II. Are there any similarities or differences to Australia’s policies? Compare these approaches to internment and treatment of Prisoners of War by the Axis forces.
    • Research where Australian soldiers were interned during World War II? What were their experiences like?
  3. The National Library of Australia holds a number of recordings of interviews with people from Cowra and surrounding areas talking about their memories of the breakout. Free online Oral History recordings can be accessed using this link.

Please be advised that the interviews may contain terms and references which are considered culturally inappropriate. They are the words of the creators/interviewees and they do not reflect the views of the National Library of Australia. Some recordings may also include graphic recollections of traumatic events and experiences.