Using This Resource

This resource aligns to the Australian Curriculum for Year 4 Science – Science Understanding and Science as a Human Endeavour. This module adopts an inquiry learning approach that provides an opportunity for students to broaden their understanding of the natural world, how it is shaped and changed overtime by natural and man-made forces and how lifeforms within the natural world both compete and rely on others to survive. Students will be encouraged to draw on and extend their science inquiry skills to question and evaluate information about the world and the ecosystems that exists around them.

The Peter Dombrovskis Photographic Collection

This resource draws images from the National Library of Australia’s photographic collection.

Images in the “Intertwined” and “Circle of Life” pages are taken from the photographic collection of Peter Dombrovskis (1945-1996). Dombrovskis was an Australian photographer, known for his Tasmanian scenes but also documented the natural world across Australia and Borneo. In 2003 he was posthumously inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame, the first Australian photographer to reach this milestone. The National Library of Australia holds more than 3000 Dombrovskis photographic transparencies in its collection.

Over 3000 transparencies have been digitised and are available on the Library’s catalogue. To explore the Dombrovskis collection further visit the Catalogue here.