Using this resource

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this resource contains a range of material which may be considered culturally sensitive, including the records of people who have passed away.

This resource is aligned to the Australian Curriculum: History for Year 4 students. It adopts an inquiry learning approach that develops students’ skills as historians. The resource engages students with a rich selection of historical sources and challenges them to draw their own conclusions about the European settlement of Australia.

The resource gives teachers flexibility. Introductory and concluding activities are provided to focus students on the broad concepts explored in Year 4. The highlight of the resource is the selection of sources from the National Library of Australia’s Treasures Gallery. Each of the eight key sources introduces a theme. The student activities that support the sources cater for a variety of classroom contexts and learning styles. Teachers can explore all eight themes, or choose specific themes to meet their teaching and learning objectives.

Early explorers
Endeavour voyage
First Fleet
A watercolour image depicting a coastal landscape. A tall cliff rises from the sea int he background. Many First Nation's people are depicted going about activities such as fishing, preparing food and hunting.
First peoples
Early settlement
Strange creatures
A scene showing a group of people sitting and standing around a felled tree. Five of the men appear to be Indigenous Australians. Three are standing, one leaning on a spear. The other two are seated. Three other men stand near the tree as well. One is in conversation with the man leaning on the spear. The other two are doing something behind the tree, one has an axe. Their faces are are not shown to the viewer. A tall European sailing ship can be seen int he distance.
A series of simple drawings depicting people. The people are Indigenous Australians, European civilians and European men in military uniform. The images depict a series of events and outcomes of those events. The bottom two series shows an Indigenous man spearing a European man. In the next scene, the Indigenous man is being hung from a tree by the officers. In the following series the roles are reversed. The European man is shooting the Indigenous man. in the next image, the European man is being hung.