Using This Resource

This resource is aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Languages for years 7–10.

This resource is designed to assist students in Australia learning a language in addition to English. The Australian Curriculum: Languages learning area recognises that students bring their own linguistic and cultural background to their learning, whether this is English or the target language or various combinations of languages. The organisation of the curriculum addresses learner background in the target language by providing a number of pathways and entry points of study to cater for background language learners, first language learners and second language learners.

This module aims to provide instructors and students with direct access to Australian news publications written in a range of languages studied in Australian schools. This module includes resources relating to: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Modern Greek and Turkish.

Newspaper Resources

The resources provided throughout this module represent contemporary and historical publications from a range of authors, distributors and publishers. The resources provided throughout this module are the works of their respective creators and of the times and cultural context in which they were published. The views reflected in these publications do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Library of Australia. Teachers and educators should inspect the suitability of the newspaper/articles they wish to present in the classroom to ensure it is appropriate and culturally safe for use.