Newspaper Resources

The National Library of Australia holds more than 10 million items in its collection. The Library’s collecting focus is documenting the lives and experiences of Australia and its people. As a multicultural society with many people from different backgrounds and languages the Library’s collection includes a rich array of resources and items in languages other than English. This includes newspapers and informational publications. This module is designed to to give students an opportunity to build and grow their language capabilities through reading and interpreting non-academic texts in the form of the Library's digitised newspaper collection. Using real newspapers, whether historical or contemporary, also gives students the opportunity to delve further into the cultural and social aspects surrounding the language being studied which is important for a holistic understanding of the language.

This module includes seven languages taught in Australian schools and links to digitised newspapers in those languages. However, other languages are available in the Library's collection. Using the Library’s catalogue, you can find other online resources in the language being studied. Use the link below to access the Catalogue and use the ‘Language’ filter (halfway down the right-hand side of the Catalogue list) to filter by the language being studied. Search the National Library of Australia Catalogue.

The resources provided throughout this module represent contemporary and historical publications from a range of authors, distributors and publishers. The resources provided throughout this module are the works of their respective creators and of the times and cultural context in which they were published. The views reflected in these publications do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Library of Australia. Teachers and educators should inspect the suitability of the newspaper/articles they wish to present in the classroom to ensure it is appropriate and culturally safe for use.