• Compare newspaper articles written by an English-language Australian newspaper and a newspaper written in the studied language for differences. Depending on the level of the students.
    • Have the students compare an article in an Australian newspaper in the language being studied and an Australia newspaper in English that are covering the same news item. Have students create a list of differences they think appear in the text and discuss why differences may exist between the content of the news articles?


  • Have students read two articles, one from an Australian newspaper in English and the other from a studied-language Australian newspaper that has been translated by the instructor. Have the students use their cultural understanding to identify which article came from which newspaper and why they think that. Discuss why the differences may occur.
  • Discuss what the differences (or similarity) in information means for the studied language community in Australia and how it impacts the spread of information.
  • As a class, create a newsletter about the school using the language being studied. Designate parts of the newsletter to students or groups of students. Have them include different parts of a newspaper; that is, headlines, sport information, weather, local events, school news. Use photos where appropriate and add captions. Give the students reporter deadlines and, where appropriate, have students work together to plan the layout of their newspaper.
  • The National Library of Australia holds more than 10 million items. The Library’s collecting focus is Australia and its people. Australia is a multicultural society with many people from many backgrounds and languages. As such, the Library’s collection holds a rich array of resources and items in languages other than English.
    • Using the Library’s catalogue, find other online resources in the language being studied. Use the link below to access the Catalogue and use the ‘Language’ filter (halfway down the right-hand side of the Catalogue list) to filter by the language being studied. Search the National Library of Australia Catalogue