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South Australian statistical information is found at the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other agencies such as:

  • Health - statistics reports on a range of areas from SA Heath

  • Crime - statistics from South Australian Police. See also Crime and Justice Data from the Attorney General of South Australia

  • Road Safety - statistics from the South Australian Police 

You can also search for statistics on the relevant South Australian Government websites, such as Forestry SA and Tourism

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Case Study

Causes of death in South Australia

I am looking for data on deaths related to food in South Australia over the past 40 years.

The Catalogue shows an ABS journal with a complete list of causes of death available in the National Library in Canberra and I am in Adelaide. Can I read the relevant documents online?

You have found the item titled Deaths, South Australia, which appears to contain all the information needed. However, when we check the dates available, we find only the years 1969-1993 are covered, so will not contain data from 2000 onwards. 

The record shows the 'later title' was Demography, South Australia with data up to 2001. You can read these statistics (up to 2001) online at the ABS page Demography, South Australia. Use the 'Past Releases' tab for data back to 1993. When you have chosen a year, click on the "Downloads" tab to open the report.

For data after 2001, we need to use the publication, Causes of death, Australia. This can also be downloaded from the ABS website. Again, use the 'Previous Releases' tab.  

In the 'Downloads' tab, we can find 'Underlying causes of death (South Australia)'.


Map of Adelaide, South Australia, 1842

To her most Gracious Majesty Adelaide, the Queen Dowager, this map of Adelaide, South Australia, shewing the nature and extent of every building of the city, as surveyed and laid down by G.S. Kingston, Esqre. is by special permission dedicated by Her Majesty's very obedient servants, George S. Kingston & Edward Stephens, the proprietors, through their agents, Edward J. Wheeler & Co., London , 1842?

Map of the newly founded city of Adelaide, includes population statistics as of 1842, agricultural operations and climate perameters. Figures are based on the South Australian almanack of 1842.


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