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Some statistical information in addition to reports found at the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

  • The ACT Criminal Justice Statistical Profile - this page from the Department of Justice and community safety has downloadable current ACT Crime statistics

  • Health - includes data on specific health risk factors, conditions, behaviours and diseases  

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Case Study

Crime rates in Canberra

I'm studying Year 12 geography, looking at demographics including crime rates in different Canberra subrbs. My teacher said as part of our research we could 'ask a librarian' for statistics, news articles or facts about our chosen topic.

Can you find statistics or facts about burgalaries or vandalism around different areas of Canberra please?

As noted on the Library's Ask a Librarian page, we can't research or provide answers to school or university assignments, but here are some suggestions of places to look:

  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) collects most Australian statistics, taken from the census and other records.
    • To find Canberra information, we can use the search function to search for ACT Regional Statistics. The item, 1362.8.55.001 - Regional Statistics, Australian Capital Territory, 2003 is the latest available
    • There are crime statistics on pages 16 and 17 of the pdf document. The statistics cover North Canberra, Belconnen, Woden Valley, Weston Creek–Stromlo, Tuggeranong, South Canberra, Gungahlin–Hall, and ACT Total
  • We can also use the links provided on the ABS home page menu under Key Products/Regional/Australian Capital Territory/Find ACT statistics. Click on State and Territory Statistical Indicators and look under People to find Crime. You may be able to search the ABS website further to find other statistics.
  • Another place to find information on this topic is the ACT Policing website which includes a crime statistics map. 


Australian Capital Territory ephemera collection

Australian Capital Territory including Canberra : geographic ephemera collected by the National Library of Australia

Australian Capital Territory ephemera collection. This includes:

  • ACT general: 1900-1989
  • 1990-
  • Foreign languages
  • ACT regional tours. Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (Places and attractions)