Our publications

Our Publications - ebooks

The Library has digitised a number of its out-of-print publications and made them freely available on the Library website.  Works such as Hurley's Australia: Myth, Dream, RealityAugustus Earle: Travel Artist and David Malouf: A Celebration can all be downloaded as PDF files and enjoyed by everyone.

Digitised material from our collections

The National Library has digitised a number of books, journals and manuscripts from the collection so that Australians can engage online with their past, as well as with their present.  Included is the Journal of H.M.S. Endeavour, 1768-1771 by James Cook, the biographical memoir of Captain Matthew Flinders, and the 1796 playbill, the earliest surviving Australian printed document. Find more digitised books in the Catalogue, adding the limiter 'NLA digital material' to your search.

Ebook Collections available through eResources

Go to Finding ebooks for tips on how to use the eResources collections. There is also a help page for the Library's newest ebook service, EBSCO eBooks.

Other Ebook collections available online

There are many websites where ebooks can be downloaded for free. Some are listed at the following links: