Permissions may be required before using and copying some items such as Manuscripts collections and Oral History recordings. See the "Access conditions" and the "Collect from" statements on a catalogue record and contact us for advice on accessing these items before you request them.

We can provide you with contact details on who to approach to gain permission from, or the Library may request permission on your behalf.

Access to some materials may be closed, meaning they are not available for use for a set period of time.

To avoid disappointment when you visit to access restricted or closed materials please contact us for advice on using these collections to ensure the appropriate permissions can first be arranged.

For some manuscript collections access may take up to four weeks. This is noted in the catalogue record.

Material such as negatives, slides, glass plates and colour prints are held in special storage areas for their preservation. These are fragile and require an acclimatisation period before being delivered for use. Prior notice is needed for these items.

Oral history items have varying degrees of access.The most common access conditions are:

  • access open for research, personal copies and public use
  • access open for research and personal copies; written permission required for public use
  • access open for research, written permission required for personal copies and public use
  • written permission required for research use, personal copies and public use.

If the interview you wish to listen to has restrictions, you will need to contact the Oral History department via the Ask a Librarian service about getting permission or determining the access.