Once requested, most special collections items are delivered to the Special Collections Reading Room three times each weekday at 10.30am, 1.30pm and 4pm.

Some items are stored offsite and so take longer to deliver, these are delivered once each weekday at 4pm.

Photographic negatives, colour prints and glass slides may require an acclimatisation period before being delivered. If these or other overly fragile items are digitised we may ask you to use the online version instead of delivering the original items.

Once delivered, items are held on reserve for you for one week. There are no collection deliveries on weekends. Items that have been delivered and are on reserve can be viewed on Saturdays.

A small number of items are held in special storage conditions and are delivered once daily on weekdays only, and must be returned by 5pm on that day. The Collect from statement will say "Special Collections Reading Room - conditions apply", contact us for advice on using these items.

See our collection delivery times page for further details.