The Library's Australian ephemera collection include all kinds of material: minor publications and pamphlets as well as leaflets, handbills, invitations, cards, menus, junk mail etc. Larger publications, such as theatre programs or retail trade catalogues, are also included. Information content, visual and design elements, period representation, portraiture are the key elements taken into consideration when selecting items for inclusion in the collection.

Ephemera can be located on the Library's online catalogue by including the word 'ephemera' in the search terms. A key to the subjects used to file general ephemera (PDF, 1315KB) and trade catalogues ephemera (PDF, 170KB) is available

Australian ephemera is indexed by subject and arranged in named sequences: 

We aim to collect Federal election campaign materials as comprehensively as possible, including websites and efforts are made to form collections which document national events and observances (eg the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, 2008 World Youth Day, Year of the Surf Life Saver, Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants).

The Library's Asia/Pacific ephemera collections include both printed material such as leaflets, posters, flyers, stickers as well as objects such as badges, t-shirts and caps. They focus either on specific events such as elections, or on socio-political groups that play an important role in the region.

Descriptions are available in the Library's online catalogue for all categories of material in the ephemera collection and Items may be requested by eCallslip for reading room use.

Also in our collection, Fragments of the everyday: a book of Australian ephemera is a fascinating compilation of items from our treasure trove of ephemera.


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