This module has been developed to support students working towards the Achievement Standards for Year 10 in the Australian Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences: History.

  • Students explain the causes and effects of events, developments, turning points or movements in 20th century Australia and internationally, leading up to and through the Second World War, and the post-war world.
  • They describe social, cultural, economic and/or political aspects, including international developments, related to the changes and continuities in Australian society over this historical period.
  • Students explain the role of significant ideas, individuals, groups, and institutions connected to the developments of this period and their influences on Australian and global history.
  • Students develop and modify a range of questions about the past to inform historical inquiry.
  • They locate, select and compare a range of primary and secondary sources and synthesise the information in sources to use as evidence in historical inquiry.
  • They analyse the origin, content, context and purpose of primary and secondary sources.
  • Students evaluate the accuracy, usefulness and reliability of sources as evidence.
  • They evaluate perspectives of significant events and developments, and explain the important factors that influence these perspectives.

Knowledge and Understanding

Building modern Australia
  • The contributions of significant individuals and groups in the campaign for the recognition of the rights of First Nations Australians and the extent to which they brought change to Australian society (AC9HH10K10)
  • The significant events and methods in the movement for the civil rights of First Nations Australians and the extent to which they contributed to change (AC9HH10K11)
  • The significant events, individuals and groups in the women’s movement in Australia, and how they have changed the role and status of women (AC9HH10K12)
  • The continuing efforts to create change in the civil rights and freedoms in Australia, for First Nations Australians, migrants and women (AC9HH10K13)
The globalising world
  • The origins and significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including Australia’s involvement in the development of the declaration (AC9HH10K15)
  • Changing social, political, economic, cultural, environmental and technological conditions, and the causes of a major global influence in Australia (AC9HH10K17)
  • Continuities and changes in perspectives, responses, beliefs and values that have influenced the Australian way of life (AC9HH10K18)