On the catalogue

Most official records and sales publications prior to 2005 can be found by searching for a title on the National Library catalogue. Many of these are serial publications, so you will need to pay attention to the holdings list to see which years and issues are held in the collection.

Search tip: Browse UN documents in the Library Catalogue using an author search by UN body. Some examples are:
 Security Council
 General Assembly
 Economic and Social Council

Print Indexes

The library also holds a number of published print indexes to assist in searching for official records, prior to 2005:

Index to Official Documents

United Nations documents index 1950-1973

UNDEX. United Nations document index

UNDOC, current index : United Nations documents index 1979-1996
United Nations documents index 1998-2007

Index to Proceedings of the:

General Assembly 1950-2009
Security Council 1964-2009
Economic and Social Council 1952-2008
Trusteeship Council 1952-1993

Index to Resolutions of the:

Security Council 1946-1991
Economic and Social Council 1946-1970
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) 1947-1978

Index to Sales publications:

The Complete Reference Guide to United Nations Sales Publications 1946-1978