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How do you find short stories?

Start with the Library Catalogue
  • select the Browse alphabetically tab
  • choose subjects from the drop-down list
  • Type your keywords in the search bar

Or choose author from the drop-down list, e.g.:

Selected works:

Where can you find stories in our online databases?

AustLit provides authoritative information on creative and critical works of Australian literature and on more than 700,000 Australian authors and literary organisations. You can find AustLit by visiting our eResources portal and searching for this database under the Browse eResources tab.

In the AustLit database, you can search for an author name in the search box. In the menu on the results page, look under 'Form' and select 'Short stories'. Some may have links to an online version.

If you are a registered member of the National Library you can access AustLit from home.

Case Study

Finding a story in a collection or anthology

Have these short stories by author Alan Marshall been published?

The Donkey's Hind Legs
Kisses for a Quid
A Little Son

We can use the AustLit database to find stories by Alan Marshall.

1. Type 'Alan Marshall' in the Search box. The first author (in blue) has the most published items, so we can start here by selecting the author's name.

2. Select 'Works by' in the menu, then select 'Short Story' at the right of the page to see a list of 136 stories.

3. The list is alphabetical, so we can scroll through the pages to find the titles:   
  • The Donkey's Hind Legs appears in: These Are My People : Selected Short Stories
  • Kisses for a Quid is not listed, however Kisses a Quid a Piece appears in several collections including These Are My People
  • A Little Son appears in: These Are My People : Selected Short Stories 

AustLit also shows other collections in which Alan Marshall's stories were published. The Donkey's Hind Legs is not in any other collection.

4. A search of Trove shows a number of libraries around Australia where These Are My People : Selected Short Stories is available, or if necessary we can request an interlibrary loan.