Commonwealth Government Gazettes are available online, depending on the date you need.  Gazettes include:

  • The Government Notices Gazette, published each Wednesday (except during the Christmas/New Year period) and contains a large number of notices.
  • A Special Gazette, normally containing a single notice, and may be published at any time.
  • A Periodic Gazette, published irregularly, and may contain multiple notices relating to a specific subject area.

The Australian Government website has links to these and other Commonwealth Government Gazette series online.


Digitised copies of the Commonwealth Government Gazette from 1901 to 2012 are available online through Trove's Government Gazette zone.

Historical Gazettes published between 1 January 1901 and 31 December 2012 are also available as PDF files at the Federal Register of Legislation.

Where can you find Commonwealth Gazettes in print?

GovPubs is the Australian Publications Guide to Government Publications, including gazettes. You will find links to online gazettes as well as instructions on how to find those in print only.

When you have a reference for a gazette, you can locate it through the GovPubs list, and click on the link which shows the date you need.

Select NLA to find the "Amicus number" to use in the National Library Catalogue search. You can then request the item you need.

Case Study

Military awards and honours

I have found the following information at the Honours and Awards section of the Australian War Memorial's website:

Name:Reginald Arthur Sellars
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: 4th Pnr Bn
Service: Army
Conflict: First World War, 1914-1918
Award: Mention in Despatches
Date of London Gazette: 11 July 1919
Location in London Gazette: Page 8833, position 45
Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette: 30 October 1919
Location in Commonwealth of Australia Gazette: Page 1653, position 88

How can I find the Gazette entry?

  • We can find the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette in the National Library Catalogue.
  • Check that we have the film for the required date: 30 October 1919. This information is shown in the 'Items/issues held' section of the 'Holdings' tab.
  • Request the reel we need by selecting the 'Get this' button for call number mfm N82. Add the required date to the online request form.
  • When the reel is delivered to the Reading Room, we can scroll through to find page 1653. 'Position 88' refers to the column entry in the gazette.

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