The dates covered by the various titles are:

  • Derwent Star and Van Diemen's Land Intelligencer, 3 Apr 1810; 20 Nov 1811 - 7 Feb 1812. A short-lived unofficial gazette.
  • Van Diemen's Land Gazette and General Advertiser, 7 May - 24 Sep 1814. A short-lived unofficial gazette.
  • Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter, 11 May 1816 - 13 Jan 1821
  • Hobart Town Gazette and Van Diemen's Land Advertiser, 20 Jan 1821 - 12 Aug 1825
  • Hobart Town Gazette, 25 Jun 1825 - 1881
  • Hobart Gazette1882 - 1906
  • Tasmanian Government Gazette, from 1907.  Published in two series: General (weekly) and Special (irregular).


The index to the Tasmanian Government Gazette has been published annually since 1833.

It is found with the gazette itself.


The Tasmanian Government website has a searchable database of current Tasmanian Government Gazette notices. Search or browse the gazette from 2008 to the present.


 Tasmanian papers included in Trove are:

Where can you find Tasmania Government Gazettes in print?

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Case Study

Historic land ownership

I have a letter dated 26 July 1858 from the Surveyor General's Office, relating to permission being granted to Pensioner O'Neil for him to select ten acres of Lot 135, 15 acres, 2 roods and 31 perches in the parish of Bagot, and the opportunity to bid for the remainder at auction in the Court House on 12 August. Can I find out the exact location of the land?

Using the information that an auction was held on 12 August, 1858, we can search the Hobart Town Gazette. The Tuesday, August 10, 1858 gazette provides listings of lands for sale in the 'Sale of Crown Lands' section:

Agricultural Lands
County of Buckingham. Vicinity of Port Cygnet. Parish of Bagot. Near Gardner's Creek
Lot 635. 15A. 2R. 31P.
Fronting upon a roadway, and bounded by Pensioner O'Neil's Allotment, by Lot 636 and crown land. Upset price 11/.

We can see approximately where this is, south of Hobart, using Google maps. Use the zoom out tool in Google maps to see the location in Tasmania.

The National Library has historical maps which show this district, however they do not cover the time period. The earliest map is dated 1939, and does not show the name or lot number we are looking for.

If a closer location is needed, Libraries Tasmania may be able to provide more information.

Related guide: Australian maps for family historians

Beattie, J. W. (John Watt), 1859-1930 The Huon at Port Cygnet [Tasmania] [189-?] National Library Digital Collections


Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter, Vol. 3, no. 158

Source: Trove: Digitise Newspapers and more

The first official Tasmanian gazette/newspaper, the Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter, appeared in Hobart in 1816. It was preceded by two short-lived unofficial publications in 1810-14. After other name changes, it became known as theTasmanian Government Gazette in 1907.


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