The current series of the Northern Territory Gazette is online and includes:

  • General (G), published weekly
  • Registration (R), contains lengthy non-urgent notices, published irregularly
  • Special (S), contains special urgent notices, published irregularly.

The General, Registration and Special gazettes are published online from January 2011.

  • Mining Notices contain notices requiring gazettal under the Northern Territory Mining Act.
  • Previously the gazette's 'M' series
  • Published online for the previous two years


The following historical gazettes from the Northern Territory can be read online at Trove

The Northern Territory Government was selected for preservation by the Australian National Archive, Pandora. Some, but not all, Northern Territory gazettes can be accessed online here. Choose the date you need, then 'A-Z Government' to find Gazettes.

Where can you find Northern Territory Gazettes in print?

Use the Australian Government Publications Guide, GovPubs, to help locate Northern Territory gazettes in Australian libraries.

Note that the gazettes are published in different series:
  • General (G)
  • Registration (R)
  • Special (S)
  • Public service (PS)
  • Censorship (C)
  • Classification of Films (CF)
  • Mining (M)

In GovPubs:

  • Select the link which shows the gazette series and the date you need
  • Select the link for the library you are using ('NLA' for the National Library of Australia)
  • Use the 'Amicus Number' or call number from this record to find it in the Catalogue

Case Study

Notice of appointment

A Public Servant is searching for a gazettal notice for the appointment of the Hon Thomas Pauling as Administrator of the Northern Territory.

The Northern Territory Gazette is found online for the last two years only, so we will need to use the print resources.

As Mr Pauling was sworn-in in November 2007, we should be able to find the notice at that time. This date has not been archived, so we cannot find it online.

To find the notice we would request the November 2007 Government Gazette S (special notices). Mr Pauling mentioned on page 2778 of the 2007 Gazette.

You can request a copy of the notice through our Copies Direct service.