League of Nations publications are still of interest to researchers and students, as a primary source for history of the period, e.g. for international economic developments of the period 1920-1945.

Australia was a member of the League and held two mandates (for trust territories of Nauru and New Guinea) under the League.

What does the library hold?

The Library’s collection of League of Nations publications includes:

  • official papers that were distributed to members of the League
  • sales publications that were of interest to the public
  • archival records of individuals, institutions, and governments e.g. the personnel files of League employees

Because it was a member of the League, Australia received two sets of the League’s publications. The National Library has more than one set of some of the serial titles and two sets of the Documents, which are reports presented to the Council or Assembly. The two sets are separately filed by sales number and Assembly or Council documents number (the official number). Use the following finding aids to locate them:

  • official number
  • sales number
  • Assembly or Council document (e.g. Suplement number of the Official Journal)

Print finding aids

Series and Serial Publications in the National Library’s collections