JSTOR contains historical journal articles and book reviews relating to the League of Nations.

You can access JSTOR offsite by visiting our eResources portal and searching for this resource under the Browse eResources tab. Journal titles within JSTOR include:

  • Bulletin of International News
  • The American Journal of International Law
  • Journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs
  • Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law


The Library’s oral history collection includes interviews with distinguished Australians, some with connections to the League of Nations. One noteworthy item is J.G. Starke interviewed by John Farquharson. J.G. Starke was a barrister, author and League of Nations historian.

The National Library of Australia has over 300 print items on the subject of the League of Nations. Library material on the history of the League and its legacy can be found by searching the Catalogue.

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The Treaty of Versailles included the planned formation of the League of Nations as part of the text. Selected works on the Treaty and the Paris Peace Conference include:

Subject headings for the League of Nations include:

Selected Print Resources

In our Manuscript Collection

Tenth assembly League of Nations in Hall of the Reformation, Geneva, 1929

Detail from Tenth assembly League of Nations in Hall of the Reformation, Geneva, 1929 [picture]: Australian delegation on Lq/t front. From the Papers of Henrietta Drake-Brockman, 1882-1975 [manuscript], MS 1634

The Library holds several manuscript collections related to the League of Nations. These can be requested through the Catalogue and viewed in the Special Collections Reading Room. Papers include:

  • Groom Collection
    Sir Littleton Ernest Groom (1867–1936) led the Australian delegation at the Assembly of the League of Nations in Geneva in 1924. Series 6 and 7 of the Papers of Sir Littleton and Lady Jessie Groom, circa 1867-1962 contain material, including addresses and notes, on the League of Nations. Information can be found in the online finding aid.
  • Latham Collection
    Sir John Greig Latham (1877–1964) wrote papers in support of the League of Nations and attended the League of Nations General Assembly in 1926. The Papers of Sir John Latham include minutes of meetings and diaries dealing with the League of Nations; see the online finding aid.
  • Hughes Collection
    William Morris Hughes (1862-1952) played a conspicuous part at the Paris Peace Conference, particularly on the questions of reparations, the former German colonies in the Pacific, and the covenant of the League of Nations. Series 35, 16, 24, and 42 of the Papers of William Morris Hughes relate to the League of Nations.
  • Robert Garran
    Sir Robert Garran (1867-1957) accompanied W. M. Hughes to the Peace Conference of 1918-1919. Series 11 of the Family papers of Robert Garran contains memoranda, reports and correspondence dealing with the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, 1925 and 1930 meetings of the League of Nations, and the Australian delegation at the 11th Assembly.
  • Papers of Joe Starke, 1928-2000
    Joseph Gabriel (Joe) Starke (1911-2006) became a member of the Secretariat of the League of Nations in Geneva in 1935, in the League secretariat's drug section dealing with the opium trade. The Acc04.227 and Acc06.078 instalments of the papers deal with the League of Nations. See also Obituaries Australia.


A good source of contemporary material on the League of Nations is through newspaper articles. Many historical newspapers can be searched online.

Australian digitised newspapers are available through Trove. Some public lists have been made by Trove users, such as The Peace.

The Library of Congress has a guide to United States newspapers at Topics in Chronicling America - League of Nations

A range of historical newspapers from Great Britain can be found through our subscription eResource Gale NewsVault. This database can be accessed offsite using your Library login - simply visit our eResources portal and search for this resource under the Browse eResources tab.


Henry Lawson poem
Henry Lawson

The League of Nations by Henry Lawson appeared in The Bulletin, Vol 40, No. 2040, 20 March, 1919, page 20.


The Edith Trilogy is a Frank Moorhouse series using the rise and fall of the League of Nations as a background to the story.

The third title in the trilogy, Cold Light, is set in Canberra after the collapse of the League.

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