How do you request a printed British standard in the Catalogue?

If you know the number of the standard:

1. Go to the Catalogue record for British Standards

Note The standards are not listed individually, but grouped within a number range.  Not all issues within these number ranges are held.

2. Type in the number of the standard in the space provided for the volume number.

e.g. Volume/No.: BS 4894:1993

If you do not know the number of the standard, you can look it up in an index.

Case Study

Finding an historical British Standard

How do you find historical British Standards, if you don't know the number?

Identify the standard number by searching an index

1. Find the Library Catalogue record for the relevant index date range.

2. Submit an online request for the index volume/s in your period of interest.

3. When the volumes are delivered:

  • search for the standard by subject
  • identify the number of the standard you need

4. Go to the Library catalogue record for British Standards to submit your online request.

Please note that the Library's collection of British Standards is imperfect, so we may not have the one you need.

Tip If you're not able to visit the National Library of Australia in person, search Trove to find other Australian libraries that have Brtitish Standards.