How do you request a printed ISO standard in the Catalogue?

If you know the number of the standard:

1. Go to the Catalogue record for International Standards 

Note The standards are not listed individually, but grouped within a number range.  Not all issues within these number ranges are held.

2. Type in the number of the standard in the space provided for the volume number.

e.g. Volume/No.: ISO 9001:2008

If you do not know the number of the standard:

1. Search the ISO Standards online catalogue, which lists the titles and numbers of all published ISO Standards.

2. Consult the ISO Standards help page, which provides advice on catalogue search techniques.

Searching online indexes for an ISO standard

You can search the SAI Global Infostore for ISO standards. 

1.  Select the ISO option from the drop down menu 

2. Enter either the known ISO number into the search box.  You don't need to type in the ISO prefix.

3.  Alternatively select the 'Browse by Publisher' option from the home page to see all availabe ISO standards. 


Case Study

Accessing a specific ISO standard

How can I access the following standard? ISO/TS 24155:2007 Hydrometry - Hydrometric data transmission systems - Specification of system requirement

There are three options for access:

  • If you can visit the Library in person, we suggest that you submit an online request to view a printed copy of the standard. Please note that the Library's collection of International Standards is imperfect, so we may not have the standard you need. Use the Catalogue record for International standards to make your request (see above). 

  • If you can't visit the Library, you may be able to arrange an interlibrary loan through your local public or institutional library and have the standard sent there for you to use. Please ask staff at your library for further assistance with interlibrary loan requests.