A guide to finding statistical information from print and online resources

The Macquarie Dictionary defines statistics as the 'science which deals with the collection, classification, and use of numerical facts or data.'

It may be necessary to obtain statistical data to support or illustrate your research. This guide is intended to help you with this.

What the Library holds

You may find statistics in different formats:

  • Print; e.g. government documents and historical census reports
  • Microform; e.g. census results tables on microfiche
  • CD ROMs; historlcal reports sometimes have CD ROM versions
  • Online; Library records may link directly to the Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Other online resources from the Library's eResources collection

 Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is the lead source for a range of Australian statistics. Full-text publications from 1994 onwards are available on the ABS website, and there is a growing number of historical statistics.

Use the left menu on the ABS home page for popular statistics and key products. For example, Year Books are available in full-text and can be useful for historical and current statistical information.

Detailed instructions on how to find statistics on the site is on the How do I search the website? page. Please note that the ABS website is often updated and some of the links given in this guide may change. Use the Help link for further information about the ABS, how to use their products, and contact details.