1. Create a crossword using words from a story that the students have been reading in class or a topic that you have been learning about. Prompt their understanding of the words and themes with creative hints.

2. Ask students to choose one of their favourite pieces of literature and create a piece of art that captures the meaning of the text and their emotional response to it.

Develop a series of visual images for each piece using mixed media (for example, paint, crayons, ink, collage, newspaper cuttings, quotes from poems, maps and keywords)

Display the artworks in the classroom and discuss how they make the class feel.

3. As a class, read a book (or continue a book the class is already reading) and then have students write a creative piece from the point of view of a character who is NOT the lead character(s) in the story. How are they affected by the narrative? What do they think of the main characters?