How to access New South Wales cemetery and burial records online and in the Library.

Current cemeteries and crematoria

Details of current cemeteries, crematoria and memorial gardens in New South Wales can be located in several ways. These include:

  • Search of municipality, shire or town council websites

    eg: A search for 'shire' and 'parkes' in Google reveals the entry for Parkes Shire Council. A browse of their website reveals a webpage for Cemeteries under their 'Living Here' menu. The 'Cemeteries' page lists seven cemeteries, current and historic. 

    Alternatively you can locate an up-to-date list and links to NSW Council websites via the Local Government NSW website.

NB: Not all local governments or councils use the same navigation methods, provide relevant information about cemetery facilities or have the means to provide an online searching facility for burials, however their websites are always worth checking if their area of jurisdiction is where your cemetery or burial site of interest is located.

Sydney cemeteries and crematoria

The Sydney region has a number of current and historic cemeteries, for which a number have online lists or search facilities to locate the names of deceased. These include, but are not limited to, the following: