Newspapers are key sources of both current and historical information relating to Australian companies.  Information available includes company news, share prices and biographical information.  The National Library holds a large collection of both Australian and international newspapers in print, microform and electronic formats in its Newspaper collections.

Our print and microfilmed newspapers can be accessed in the Newspapers and Family History zone of the Main Reading Room.

Digital newspapers

A large range of current and historic newspapers in digital format can be directly accessed online and via eResources.

Some of our subscription newspaper resources can be accessed from home or work by Australian residents who are registered readers of the Library. These can be identified in eResources by the use of the 'key' Licenced symbol.

Databases available include:

Print and microform newspapers

A range of current and historical newspapers in print and microfilm formats, both Australian and overseas, are available.

Newspaper titles include:

Recent issues of these titles may also be found in digital format in one of the online newspaper databases available through eResources .

Current issues of selected Australian and overseas print newspapers are openly available in the Newspaper and Family History zone of the Main Reading Room.