The records filmed by the AJCP. and listed in this Handbook span the period 1924-51. They include virtually all the surviving Dominions Office records relating to Australia and New Zealand and the bulk of the records concerning the other Dominions for the years 1925-46. The records document the complexity of imperial relationships during a volatile period of world history and cover and extraordinary range of subjects: politics, constitutional crisis, public administration, defence, World War II, trade, economic affairs, communications, migration, foreign relations, race relations and many others.

A digitised copy of Part 10 of the Handbook is available online.


The following list provides, at Class-level, the content of Dominion Office records contained within the AJCP. Piece Lists and Dates may be found in Part 10 of the Handbook.

DO 35 Dominions. Original Correspondence, 1926-29
DO 35 Dominions. Original Correspondence, 1930-36
DO 35 Dominions. Original Correspondence, Newfoundland, 1934-36
DO 35 Dominions. Original Correspondence, 1937-42
DO 35 Dominions. Original Correspondence, 1943-46
DO 35 Dominions. Original Correspondence, Secret Despatches, 1943-46
DO 57 Overseas Settlement. Original Correspondence, 1925-36
DO 114 Confidential Print. Dominions, 1924-51
DO 115 Confidential Print. Dominions (Australia), 1928-36
DO 117 Supplementary Original Correspondence, 1926-29
DO 121 Private Office Papers, 1924-51
DO 126 High Commission and Consular Archives, Australia. Correspondence, 1931-41

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