Until 1909, no distinction was made between those Foreign Office records created before 1782 and those created after that date. The earlier records were then designated State Papers Foreign, the remainder being classified as the Foreign Office Group. The Foreign Office records filmed under the Australian Joint Copying Project are all records created after 1782. The consist of material dealing with the Pacific area, and correspondence concerning British and other colonial policies and dependencies in the area.

A digitised copy of Part 5 of the Handbook is available online.


The following list provides, at Class-level, the content of Foreign Office records contained within the AJCP. Piece Lists and Dates may be found in the Handbook.


Correspondence before 1906

FO 5 America, United States of or FO 5 America, United States of
FO 12 Borneo
FO 27 France
FO 37 Holland and Netherlands
FO 58 Pacific Islands
FO 64 Prussia and Germany
FO 67 Sardinia

Correspondence after 1906

FO 371 Political
FO 566 Registers of General Correspondence

Other Classes

FO 83 Great Britain and General


FO 687 FRANCE, Papeete


Australian Joint Copying Project

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