The following are a selection of descriptive lists now available for viewing online, arranged in M Series reel number order:

M 1-116, M 608-70 London Missionary Society

M 118-172C, M988-991 Methodist Missionary Society (records)

M 173-243, M 1825-1827 Church Missionary Society

M 244-290 German Foreign Ministry

M 291-336A German Navy

M 337-364, M 585-589 Van Diemen's Land Company

M 367-372 Lawrence Hargrave

M 373-376 John B Graham

M 377-380, M 390 Gell and Franklin Families

M 381 Bishop Mathew B Hale

M 382-383 Marsden Family

M 384 John G Petingale

M 385 John Campbell

M 386 Sanford Family

M 387-388, M 1660-1666 Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

M 389 Armagh County Museum

M 391 Thomas Fyshe Palmer

M 392 Holyoake Family

M 394 David Beath

M 395-396 Gardiner Family

M 397 Thomas Baines

M 398 Robert Lowe

M 399 Leslie J Wilmoth

M 400 Edward Robarts

M 401 John Lovell

M 402 Vyvyan Family

M 403 Captain Charles Sturt

M 404 Evelyn Pitfield Sturt

M 405 Frederick Hoare

M 406 Hydrographic Department

M 407-409, M 593, M 718 Captain T.G.S. Ward

M 411 Edward Arnold

M 412 Sir Anthony Musgrave

M 413-416, M 577-579 Commonwealth and Continental Church Society

M 417 Janet D Hine

M 418-420, M 422 Lists of Colonial Office records

M 423 Ex-Canterbury resident

M 424 British Museum. Department of Ethnography

M 425-432 Society of Mary

M 433 National Westminster Bank

M 435 George Kershaw

M 436 David Atkinson and other New South Wales settlers 

M 437 John Fitzsimmons

M 437 John P Ricou

M 440 Mathilde Deane

M 444 Captain Matthew Flinders

M 445 Captain Charles Swanston

M 446-458 Colonial Office: Straits Settlements

M 460 Macquarie Family

M 461 Mitchell Library

M 462 John Grant

M 463 Stanley Family

M 464 Captain Francis Cadell

M 465 Captain Henry M Denham

M 466 Thomas Mellesh

M 467 Reverend Henry Stobart

M 468 British Women's Emigration Association

M 469 Sir Joseph Banks

M 470-535 East India Company

M 536-549 Methodist Missionary Society (publications)

M 550-576 Frederick Danvers

M 580, M 1363-1367 Corporation of London Record Office

M 581 Middlesex County Record Office

M 582-583 Robert Brooks and Co

M 584, M 985-986 Scottish Record Office

M 590, M 1093-1100 Bishop George A. Selwyn

M 591, M 821, M 1659-1660 Bedfordshire Record Office

M 592 Sir Edward Macarthur

M 594 Sir Frederick Barlee

M 595 Charles Meryon

M 596-597 Linnean Society of London

M 598 Patrick Morris

M 599 Gerald Wheeler

M 600, M687-688 James C. Crawford

M 602 Edward Ashworth

M 603 Michael Dwyer

M 604 Sir Everard Home

M 605 Commodore John Byron

M 606-607, M 671 Sir William Denison

M 672-673 Sir Charles Gavan Duffy

M 674 Henry Harding

M 675, M 789-790 Sir Arthur Hodgson

M 677 Archbishop John Moore

M 678 John Lee

M 679 Lt Col William Temple

M 680 John Watts

M 681-686 School of Oriental and African Studies

M 689-690 Sir George Grey

M 691 Sir John Thurston

M 692 Allan Cunningham

M 708-712 Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar

M 713, M 866 Berkshire Record Office

M 714 Jonathon Bennett - Logbook of the ship Margaret, 1850-52

M 715 Bishop Edmund Hobhouse

M 716 Sir Dudley De Chair

M 717 Lieutenant Graham De Chair

M 719 Peregrine Massingberd

M 720 Mann Family

M 721 Reverend William Edgell

M 722 Captain James Cook

M 723 Jeffcott and Kermode Families

M 724 John Bond

M 725-727 John Gould

M 728 Reverend Henry Welchman

M 729 Reverend Francis Hodgson

M 730-788 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

M 791-793 Derby Central Library

M 794-801 German Embassy in London

M 802-806 Melanesian Mission

M 807-814, M 828 Sir Timothy Coghlan

M 815 South Staffordshire Regiment

M 816-819 East Sussex Record Office

M 820 Hove Central Library

M 822, M 1549-1550 West Sussex Record Office

M 823 Petworth House Archives

M 824 John W. Blencowe

M 825-827, M 2118 Birmingham Central Library

M 829 Staffordshire Record Office

M 830 Edmund Peters

M 831 William Salt Library

M 832 Thomas M. Reade

M 833 Sir John Murray

M 834 George Siddells

M 835 Sir Edmund Du Cane

M 836 Hayward Family

M 837 Federick Edelsten

M 838-840 Essex Record Office

M 841 George Everett

M 844 Thomas Robinson

M 845-847 Cheshire Record Office

M 848 Chester City Record Office

M 849-850 John Brown

M 851 Anne Hale

M 852 Sir Thomas Larcom

M 853 William Blandowski

M 854 Trinity College Library, Dublin

M 855 Heathfield Stephenson

M 856 James Roberts

M 857 W J Cotton

M 858 Brown family

M 864 James White

M 865 Co-operative Union Ltd

M 867-868 University of Birmingham Library

M 869-870 Liverpool City Libraries

M 871-874 All Hallows College

M 875 Sir Saul Samuel

M 876-916 Thomas Huxley

M 917-932 Lord Carrington

M 933 Arthur Bowes Smyth

M 934 William C. Wills

M 935 Wiltshire Record Office

M 936-937, M 1154-1156, M 1584 Lord Hopetoun

M 938, M 974 Sir John Lefroy

M 939 Thomas Fielden

M 940 Wilson Family

M 941-943 Suffolk Record Office (Ipswich)

M 944 Margaret Catchpole

M 945-946 Royal Irish Academy

M 947 Derbyshire Record Office

M 948-970 Sir Thomas Cochrane

M 971 David Blackburn

M 972 James Pettet

M 973 Suffolk Regiment Association

M 975 Foster and Braithwaite

M 976 Lord Monteagle

M 977 Stephen Brennand

M 978 James Craig

M 979 George Pearson

M 980 Louis Hope

M 981, M 2315-2317 Norfolk Record Office

M 982 Suffolk Record Office (Bury St. Edmunds)

M 983, M 2078 Cumbria Record Office

M 984 Genealogical Office, Dublin

M 987 Captain Edward Frome

M 992 Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki

M 993-994 Rev Robert Codrington

M 995-999 Downside Abbey

M 1000-1092 New Zealand and Australian Land Company

M 1131 Alexander Turner

M 1134 Beaumont Featherston

M 1135 John Smith

M 1157 Andrew Holden

M 1185 Sir William Jervois

M 1194 Free Church of Scotland

M 1198 Brigadier Arthur Shakespear

M 1201-1335, 1401-1516 United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 

M 1557 Hernando Gallego

M 1558 Abel Tasman

M 1559-1574 Pacific Voyages (British Library)

M 1580-1582 Captain James Cook

M 1583 David Samwell

M 1615-1616 Denison family

M 1620-1627 India Office Library

M 1650 Lever Brothers Ltd

M 1877 Brown Family

M 1923 Foreign & Commonwealth Office Library

M 2090 Robert Thomas

M 2125-2229 National Archives of Ireland

M 2254 Henderson Family

M 2415-2421 Makereti

M 2512 Albert Meek

M 2727 R W Paine

M 2766 York Minster Library


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M Series descriptive lists

Descriptive lists of M Series records are contained in 35 bound volumes and are available for consultation in the Newspapers and Family History zone. In a number of cases the online versions of lists contain more detail than those in the printed volumes.