Between 1984 and 1993 Handbooks were published listing records of the Admiralty (Part 7), Colonial Office (Part 2), Dominions Office (Part 10), Foreign Office (Part 5), Home Office (Part 3) and War Office (Part 4). In addition, Part 9 described the personal collections held at the Public Record Office that have been filmed by the AJCP.

In the final few years of the Project, further records of these departments were filmed. Unfortunately, it was not feasible to issue new editions of seven parts of the Handbook to incorporate these additions. Instead, they have been grouped together in Part 11, which completes the publication of the Handbook.

In should be noted that in 2003 the name of the Public Record Office was changed to the National Archives (

A digitised copy of Part 11 of the Handbook is available online.


The following list provides, at Class-level, the additional Public Record Office content contained within the AJCP. Piece Lists and Dates may be found in Part 11 of the Handbook.


Adm 1 Admiralty and Secretariat. Papers, 1913-57
Adm 36 Ships' musters, 1739-1807
Adm 106 Navy Board. Records, 1771-1832
Adm 199 War history cases and papers, 1935-46


CO 225 Western Pacific. Original correspondence, 1914-51 
CO 323 Colonies, General. Original correspondence, 1818-1925
CO 378 Colonies, General. Registers of correspondence, daily, 1878-1908
CO 381 Colonies, General. Entry books, Series 2
CO 382 Registers, Correspondence, daily
CO 384 Emigration. Original correspondence, 1830-96
CO 385 Emigration. Entry books of correspondence, 1834-96
CO 386 Emigration. Land and Emigration Commission, etc., 1838-69
CO 406 Entry books of correspondence, 1863-72
CO 537 Supplementary. Selections of original correspondence, 1943-51
CO 687 Dominions, War of 1914-1918: trade. Original correspondence, 1916-19
CO 693 Prisoners. Original correspondence, 1917-19
CO 700 Manuscript maps relating to Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand, 1801-49
CO 752 Dominions, War of 1914-1918. Register of correspondence, 1914-19
CO 753 Dominions, War of 1914-1918. Register of out letters, 1914-19
CO 754 Dominions, War of 1914-1918. Prisoners. Register of correspondence, 1917-19
CO 755 Dominions, War of 1914-1918. Prisoners. Register of out letters, 1917-19
CO 756 Dominions, War of 1914-1918. Trade. Register of correspondence, 1916-19
CO 757 Dominions, War of 1914-1918. Trade. Register of out letters, 1916-19
CO 852 Economic. Original correspondence, 1934-53


DO 35 Original correspondence, 1947-53


FO 5 Correspondence. United States of America, 1840-1905
FO 64 Correspondence. Prussia and Germany, 1870-1905
FO 97 Supplement to general correspondence, 1862-1900
FO 371 General correspondence. Political, 1906-24, 1952
FO 608 Peace Conference of 1919-1920. Original correspondence, 1919
FO 800 Personal collections


HO 7 Convicts, Miscellaneous, 1785
HO 42 Correspondence and papers: domestic and general. George III, 1782-1820


WO 11 Muster rolls and pay lists: Royal Engineers, 1843-78
WO 12 Returns. Muster books and pay lists (general), 1818-37
WO 25 Registers, various. Services to officers on full pay, 1829-41
WO 32 Registered papers: General series. Records relating to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, 1858-1954
WO 127 South African War. Local armed forces, nominal rolls, 1901-02
WO 203 War of 1939-1945. Military headquarters papers: Far East, 1943-47
WO 235 Judge Advocate-General's Office. War of 1939-1945. War crime papers, 1946-48


PRO 30/57 Papers of Horatio Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, 1901-38