Onsite Use - Print

Current issues of selected Australian print newspapers are made openly available in the Newspapers and Family History zone of the Main Reading Room. The last three months of each title are boxed and also accessible nearby.

Daily newspapers on open access

Onsite Use - Microfilm

Sets of most major Australian capital city newspapers dating from 1950 are shelved in cabinets in the Newspapers and Family History zone and can be accessed on a self-service basis. A list of available titles is provided and each cabinet and drawer is labelled for ease of identification and retrieval.

Open Access microfilmed newspaper

Closed Access - Print and Microfilm

If the newspaper titles or dates you are looking for are not held in the reading room, you will need to search the library catalogue to check for holdings and to request available items from our closed newspaper stacks.

To request material from the newspaper stacks you must be registered as a National Library Reader.

Both print and microfilm newspapers will normally be delivered to the Newspapers and Family History zone within 45 minutes unless they are stored offsite. Login to the catalogue and view your list of requested items or ask our staff at the Newspapers and Family History zone Information Desk to check for delivered material.

shrink-wrapped Australian newspaper

Microfilm Reader / Scanners

The Newspapers and Family History zone currently provides 18 microfilm reader / scanners for use in viewing microfilms (16mm and 35mm formats), microfiche and microprints. These are viewed using software on the adjacent PCs which allow for printing and scanning of selected content.

Microfilm reader scanner and PC

Offsite Storage

All issues of Australian print newspapers published prior to 2011 are stored offsite and are not available for immediate delivery.

Deliveries of requested items are made twice daily - by 10.30am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Accessing newspapers from outside the Library

Although our Australian print and microfilmed newspapers can only be used in the Newspapers and Family History zone, access to many Australian newspapers in digital format is provided to registered Library users via eResources.

Trove also provides freely available access to our digitised historic Australian newspapers.