The Library holds, in three distinct collections, thousands of Australian newspaper or press clippings which have been selected, clipped and filed according to a broad range of subjects including individuals.

Cabinets containing biographical cuttings files

Biographical Cuttings or BIOG Files

This collection comprises over 61000 files containing newspaper articles which relate to specific people all of which can be searched and identified in our Catalogue under an individual's name.

Biographical cuttings file catalogue record

Despite the format of each BIOG file being described as 'book' each item is actually a manilla folder. The quantity and contents of each folder do differ. A file on a well-known Australian may actually comprise several manilla folders containing dozens of original clippings, photocopies, citations of articles and even ephemera whereas an item on a lesser known individual may simply contain one clipping. Occasionally no actually clipping may be held although a hand-written reference to a published article could be included. In such cases the article may be found available through the Library's newspaper and periodical collections.

The biographical cuttings files of Gough Whitlam

Book Review Files

Published reviews of books by Australian authors are contained within our Book Review File collection all of which can be identified in our catalogue under the name of a book's author. Requests can also be made via our [Book reviews clipped from newspaper articles] catalogue record.

Book Reviews file of Ruth Park

Press Clippings

Those newspaper articles which relate to Australian places, institutions or subject areas are contained within our Press Clippings collection. The files within this collection are not yet available to be identified and requested via our Catalogue however the Library does hold a printed guide to its contents which is held in the Newspapers and Family History zone.

Press Headings Guide and subject file

The above image shows a sample of press clipping files relating specifically to buildings in Sydney  together with a copy of our 'Press Headings' guide.