Local government records and the local historian by R. Ian Jack and Terry Kass (1987)

This booklet discusses local government records including minute books, rate books and records, building registers and other documents related to local government.

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Constitutional responsibility for local government lies with the state and territory governments. This means that the roles and responsibilities of local government differ from state to state.

See the Australian Local Government Association for facts and figures about Australian local government.

What you can find in the Library

See the subject heading Local government -- Australia for general works and history.

Documents prepared by local councils may be lodged at the Library; search for town or shire name and council, or “Municipal Council,” for example:

You can also find:

Selected print resources:

Local government in Australia prepared under instructions from the Minister of State for Home and Territories by G.H. Knibbs (1919). An introduction to local government and some historical statistics  

Australian local government economics by Brian Dollery, Lin Crase and Andrew Johnson (2006). Discusses economic foundations of local government, and the current place of councils in the broad context of Australian federal fiscalism

Funding the future : financial sustainability and infrastructure finance in Australian local government / Brian E. Dollery, Michael A. Kortt, Bligh James Grant

Map of Tasmania showing municipalities and districts under Local Government Act 1806

Tasmania. Surveyor General's Office.
Map of Tasmania showing municipalities and districts under Local Government Act 1806 [cartographic material]
MAP RM 2756.

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