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Gallipoli : our last man standing : the extraordinary life of Alec Campbell

King, Jonathan. & Smout, Arthur H.  2004,  Gallipoli : our last man standing : the extraordinary life of Alec Campbell / Jonathan King  John Wiley & Sons Milton, Qld.

The Library holds an oral history recording with Alec Campbell, Australia's last First World War veteran:

Campbell, Alec. & Saxon, Peter. & Radiowise Media Networks.  n.d.,  Alec Campbell interviewed by Peter Saxon for the 100 centenarians, the children of federation oral history project

Oral histories are collected by the National Library in order to record the voices that document Australia's social and cultural life.  From the earliest recordings in the 1950's until recently the voices and memories of the First World War have been preserved.  Increasingly interviews, as well as transcripts and summaries, are available online.  Types of interviews include primary and secondary accounts of the war.  Interviewees include veterans of the war from each of the forces, civilians on the homefront, soldier settlers, authors eg Ion Idriess and Alan Moorehead, and artists eg Sir Daryl Lindsay. 

Although the Library does not actively collect realia, items may be selectively acquired, especially when they have high levels of visual content.  An object may also be acquired as part of a multi-format collection or because it has strong links with material already held. The Library holds a number of unique items of realia connected with the First World War, some of which are especially poignant.

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Oral history collections

There are a number of oral history collections containing interviews with veterans and their families.  These are:

Case Study

Question: "Do you have information on the Anzac medal?"

Answer: The Anzac medal, was sculpted by Dora Ohlfsen after the First World War and produced and sold to raise funds for Australians and New Zealanders maimed in the war.  To find out further information on this medal we searched:

  •  Trove digitised newspapers service and found an article titled 'Dora Ohlfsen's dedication to bravery' from the newspaper Register (Adelaide) of 19th January 1922 which provides background to the medal as well as biographical information on this 'famous Australian sculptress'.
  •  Women Australia, provided not just a portrait, but her obituary and a number of other related resources.

Anzac medal

Ohlfsen, Dora.  1921,  Anzac medal [realia] / Dora Ohlfsen

The Anzac medal was sculpted by Dora Ohlfsen after the First World War and produced and sold to raise funds for  Australians and New Zealanders maimed in the war.

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